President - Kent Wiedel
Past President - David Max, Bob Semm
Recording & Corresponding Secretary - Patti Zeis
Treasurer - Erik Van Fleet
Membership Chairperson – Mike Zeis
Scholarship Chairperson – Kenny Lautenschlager
Facebook Administrator - Stephanie Olsen
Legal Counsel - Claire Johnson
Senior Advisors - Dr. Paul D Swanson, Dick Gerlach, Jody Royce, Dave McGowan

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CFN is an organization of friends, fans and alumni of the University of Nebraska that have joined together in support of the University and its athletic programs. Californians for Nebraska supports the University of Nebraska by coordinating activities among graduates, former and present students, friends and others having an interest in the University of Nebraska and the state of Nebraska to foster a closer fellowship among these groups.

We invite you to explore our web site and join with your fellow Californians for Nebraska in preserving and promoting Nebraska tradition and spirit in Southern California.

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